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HB5 on 2008/08/30: that's right only ONE DAY!

hentaibreaks is a somewhat different party held in Berlin, Germany once a year. If you like Drum and Bass, Jungle, Oldskool Hardcore, Techno, well.. electronic music AND don't fear showing up on a nerdy party...

It's perfect for YOU!

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official tentacle-ism: HB5 will happen August 30, 2008 @ c-base, Berlin (2008-08-10 18-04-30 by housetier)
Hello everyone!

We started preparations very early this time only to seemingly drag our feet towards the deadline (my birthday). Not so, not so, I say! We have been scrambling and coordinating and generally we were busy trying to squeeze organizing this big event into our already busy lives.

And successful we were! We have many DJs who will play a diverse selection of music. We have 2 (TWO!) VJ teams this time for the visual entertainment. We have the c-base in Berlin for the superterrificawesome club background.

All that's left is guests, partypeople, hentai enthusiasts, cosplayers, jungle brothers, drum and bass heads, techno fans, breakbeat cats, and your little sisters (as long as they are at least 18 years old). Speaking of which: don't forget the tentacles!

Now it's time to make up your mind and find excuses so you can come and have a good time. Here is an encouragement: if you dress up proper you will get a free cocktail at the bar! And even if you are too ashamed to walk around in a school girl uniform, there will be no entrance fee this time. I'll just hope for voluntary contributions, but you will decide after you have seen the party :)

Wow, you are still with me? Alrighty then I give you pictures to look at and to spread around as much as possible. Here is the poster: http://hentaibreaks.de/5/img/hentaibreaks-5-poster-500x707.png and here is the animated banner (very cool imho): http://hentaibreaks.de/5/img/hentaibreaks-5-banner-500x170.gif.

Ok that's it for now, see you at the party!

PS: don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever!

Hot News from raven! And two mixes as well! (2008-01-28 01-34-20 by housetier)
Here is was raven wants y'all to know:
I'm very happy to announce, that another booking has been done! It's gonna be real serious this year I say!
The tek genres will be handled by Rydel (D|Dance Records / club K4) who's gonna arrive to us from... Amsterdam in Slovenia! Prepare for the beat, a small example of his latest achievements behind the decks.

And just as I finished this he came back with more:
Ze pre-shit! While I couldn't stop thinkin bout getting to Berlin again, i've recorded a special liveset as HB warmup for You guys. Grab this 100% breaks shit here and please send comments/email to me!

Lots of DJs! Oh boy this is gonna be teh shiznit!

Again, don't forget to checkout the mixes:

Leech Now!
date confirmed: August 30, 2008 (2008-01-18 21-02-15 by housetier)
The date for the party has been confirmed. It will happen on Saturday, August 30, 2008. The other details are in the post on the mailinglist
more DJs booked (2008-01-07 15-25-48 by housetier)
Raven and his crew will join us again this year! And he will bring even more friends: seasoned DJ-veterans from Norway and Berlin. This is gonna be massif!

So now we have DJs from Holland, Poland, Germany, Norway. :-)

If you want to come and spin please get in touch with me!
Website Live! (2008-01-06 21-20-56 by hadez)
The new hentaibreaks v5 website just went live!

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